Songs to Hear Before You Die

What makes a good playlist? Is it the cohesive group of songs, eclectic mix full of the unexpected or, maybe, one that gets you in the mood to boogie down? For me, it’s a combination of all of these qualities. I love a random playlist full of good beats, memories and similar styles.

2 weeks ago, I stumbled upon a new [to me] station on Songza called 1000 Songs to Hear Before You Die. Ever since, it’s been my source of musical motivation and inspiration at work, in the kitchen and while I blog. For me it’s perfect, because it combines all of my favorite playlist qualities: the unexpected, the nostalgia, and the good beats. Obviously, I’m addicted.

Last week I decided to keep up a list of songs from it that I must add to my iTunes library – some I’ve never heard before, others about which I had forgotten. You know, because music is my soul, my pulse, and my comfort. It’s even been recently said to lower your blood pressure. Who doesn’t want in on that free piece of medical advice, right?

Ooh, I wonder if this means my insurance will cover music downloads? Oh Happy Day!


The point of this whole post is to share my list from the Songs to Hear Before You Die station that will be downloaded during my next iTunes shopping spree.

Once in a Lifetime – Talking Heads

Buffalo Gals – Malcom McLaren

The Night – Frankie Valli

Give it Away – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Maps – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Hoppipolla – Sigur Ros

Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye – Ella Fitzgerald

Ain’t No Love – Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland

The Model – Kraftwerk

Stay With Me – Ruby Turner

Laid – James

Ode to Billie Joe – Bobbie Gentry

Out of Space – The Prodigy

Mambo No. 5 – Perez Prado

Mykonos – Fleet Foxes

Vienna – Ultravox

Cornflake Girl – Tori Amos

Can you think of any others?

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