Sunday Shares: Video Edition

This week it seems like every click I make takes me to an awesome video. I honestly can’t remember a week where I’ve found more videos worth sharing in a week. So today, because it’s Sunday and this is my blog, I bring you yet another installment of Sunday Shares.

I’m positive this will become Adam’s theme song. He can thank me later.

The first time I visited Adam after he moved to Austin over a year and a half ago, he took my to Top Notch. I had no idea the significance of it at the time, because I hadn’t seen the movie Dazed and Confused. Immediately after eating, we go home and he forces me to we watch it. I’ll say that I enjoyed it, but I haven’t watched it again. This is the 120 second version of it, because you know kids are too ADD to sit through the entire thing. Kids these days, sigh.

“I Gotta Feeling” by The Black-Eyed Peas is one of my favorite Jazzercise warm-ups and even though I may not be a fan of country music, I am a bluegrass fan on occasion. So Black-Eyed Peas + Bluegrass = WIN on my blog.

The year is 1994 and the co-hosts of the Today Show on NBC had no idea what the Internent was.

And finally, as a newly engaged gal who likes have fun and dance to 80’s Whitney Houston, I can only hope that when Adam and I reach this couple’s age we are still as cheesy as we are today.

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