The Pressure…of a Playlist

In today’s Internet world, it’s customary for the engaged couple to create a wedding website for their guests and being the music lovers that Adam and I are, we’ve decided to include a playlist on ours. A playlist of songs that sets the tone for our wedding and gives our guests a peek into our personalities.

This has proven more difficult than I imagined, mainly due to the fact that I’m known for my playlists. I have friends that ask me to create playlists for them from my eclectic mix of music and summing our wedding up in a single playlist puts some pressure on me. This pressure has caused me to ask Adam for his suggestions, since I want both of our musical preferences to be represented.

Unfortunately for me, his suggestions have been less than helpful. His first recommendation was 99 Problems by Jay-Z, which really? Not so romantic OR appropriate for our guests. Then he scrolled through his music library and made the observation that the majority of his songs are sad ones. Given that his favorite song is Loser by Beck, I wasn’t shocked, but this also didn’t bode well for our playlist. He continued through his library making recommendations of songs by Pearl Jam and Reel Big Fish. Again, no.

Our playlist made it nowhere. Fast. Which is why I turned to WeddingWire’s recommended song list.

If you’ve never thought to look at recommended wedding songs before, I highly recommend you peruse this site. I have never laughed so much in my life. Here are just a few of my favorites – that did not make the cut.

(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You – *NSYNC

Clair de LuneIf only this song didn’t remind me of the PixyLand website it would be a contender. But alas the guy in Florida who thinks he’s really Peter Pan is the last thing I want people thinking of when learning about our wedding.

Forever – John Stamos and the Beach Boys. Apparently Full House is a popular wedding soundtrack.

Kiss the Girl – Little Mermaid. 9 times out of 10, if you choose to walk down the aisle to a Disney song, you’re too young to get married. See also? Heart-shaped diamond rings.

And in case you were wondering, our website playlist still only has one song. So much for productivity.

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