Sunday Shares


Friday was my team’s Christmas party. It consisted of sugary cookies, meat candy, cheese dip, CatchPhrase, and dancing. And when I say dancing, I mean Wii Just Dance 1 and 2 and The Michael Jackson Experience (minus the plastic surgery and children). For the record, playing these games immediately after downing a plate of Christmas potluck goodies is not the best idea and since we played the dance games for 4 hours straight my feet still haven’t recovered.

I’m sure you don’t want to hear about my boring weekend of sitting on my couch wrapping presents and catching up on DVR, so it’s time to update you on my weekly Web Surf and Blog Stalk. Presenting this week’s Sunday Shares:

  • Damn You Auto Correct! – If you’re like me and own an iPhone, chances are you’ve had it “correct” your text messages. My current favorite one for my phone is changing morning to morbid and the to Tge. Nevertheless, this website compiles the best corrections as submitted by readers for your reading pleasure.
  • Carol of the Bed Intruder – Admit it, you LOVED the Bed Intruder song. Well, you better hide your kids, hide your wife, because Liberty University has turned it into a Carol and it’s fantastic. Run and tell that, homeboy!
  • Can this picture go on Facebook? – So technically this is over a week old, but it slipped through the cracks last week and deserves to be posted. My tweep @audcole made a very useful and hilarious flowchart to use before posting pictures on Facebook. I suggest you open it and share it with everyone you know.

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