Thank You

Dear Faithful Blog Readers,

[all 3 of you]

In the spirit of Thanksgiving – thanks!

Thanks for falling for my shameless self-promotion via Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for reading my senseless southern ramblings. Thanks for commenting on, sharing, and retweeting posts you enjoyed.

Thanks for allowing me to be myself through my writing.

I can only hope that my blog provides you with a glimmer into my life as a mid-20s, born and bred, Razorback-obsessed, Southern gal, while educating you on the art of cheese dip, bringing a smile to your face, and, above all, giving you a laugh when you need it most.

Thanks for your loyalty. Because of you, in just 11 short months, my lil’ old blog has had 2,213 hits.

I guess you really do like me!




One comment

  1. Jules · November 18, 2010

    ok Sally, don’t get carried away 🙂

    and you are welcome. Grateful to you too.

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