The Hunger Games

Living in Austin definitely has its perks. Especially when it comes to movie theaters – thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse.

It has quickly become another one of my favorite things about Austin. Not only can you watch a movie in a standard theater, but you can get beer, wine and other cocktails delivered right to your seat throughout the movie.

But wait, there’s more!

You can also get your movie munchie of choice delivered right to your seat as well. I’m not talking about your standard candy and popcorn, either. I’m talking burgers, pizzas, salads, wraps, and tons of appetizers. Just be sure to save room for cheesecake – which is also delivered to your seat whenever you decide to have it.

It’s an experience that has truly spoiled me.

In addition to the food and seat service, Alamo also has fun “theme” screenings such as Girlie Night: Dirty Dancing, Action Pack: Jiggy Crunk Singalong (featuring all the catchy 90’s pop rap we love) and Quotealong: Office Space. Could it get any better? I don’t think so.

Yesterday, Adam and I decided to catch a showing of  The Hunger Games. We both really enjoyed the movie and highly recommend it. Rather than write yet another review of the movie and how closely it stayed to the book, how the use of shaky camera shots added drama and the [INSANE] uproar about Rue being black I thought I’d share something that we saw prior to the movie beginning.

Alamo – in addition to all their amazing perks – also has a custom reel set up for each movie instead of the standard previews and ads other movie theaters show. For The Hunger Games, the reel was full of 80s Laser Tag commercials, battle royale themed movie clips, Hamburger Helper parodies and this:

Lana Del Rey’s Hunger Games


You’re welcome.