Wedding Recap: The Reception, Part II

The one thing I was adamant about throughout the planning process was a reception that reflected the type of couple Adam and I are. We like to goof off, relax, listen to good music and spend time with family and friends. That’s exactly the reception we had. Our reception was high-energy and laid-back and allowed us to be ourselves around our friends.

Our DJ allowed us to create a playlist prior to the reception with music we thought our guests would be most receptive to and, while I stressed a bit about this element of the wedding, it turned out better than I ever imagined. Our dance floor was packed the entire night! Apparently we had a good mix of oldies, line dances, and current hits. 🙂

While we twisted,

my dad shouted,

and my aunts shimmied.

Guests jumped…

and threw their hands up in the air like they just didn’t care.

There were even a few sisterly dance moments.

And then the DJ played “Single Ladies”.

Remember the whole “Operation: No More Beyonce” thing and the fact that I’m slightly addicted to Jazzercise? I worked with my coordinator to loosely stage a flash mob, after I contacted my fellow Jazzercisers mere days before the wedding.

Yep, our reception had a Jazzercise flash mob in the middle of the dance floor.

It was so much fun dancing with my instructors and other Jazzer-buddies who drove down to celebrate with us! I seriously love those women!

There’s even video evidence of our Jazzer-moment!

Then I got sick…light-headed, stomach turning, overheated.

Note to future brides: don’t go a full day on only apples and caramel sauce, get married, then expect to dance the night away in your wedding dress.

Adam got me a bottled water, then got Heather, our coordinator, to come help.

So while my guests were doing this:

and this:

and this:

I was doing this:

Yep. I missed doing the “YMCA” at my own wedding.

But I was soon back out on the dance floor just in time for the “Time Warp”. My sudden weak state was nothing several bottles of water and a plate of food couldn’t fix.

While I went back to the dance floor, Adam went to hang with his family. And by hang, I mean totally goof-off.

Then it was time to drag him back out to the dance floor for the “Cha-Cha Slide”…

…before ending the fun-filled night with a sparkler getaway and a kiss to seal the deal.

We were officially married and on our way to Napa Valley for our honeymoon!

images via Karen Segrave | KES Weddings

What Jazzercise is not…

I’ve mentioned a few times that I am a Jazzercise-aholic. It fuels my spirit, my muscles, and my mind. After seeing this video posted on the lovely blog of Kirsten Blowers I laughed hysterically, replayed it, then laughed some more.

Then I shared the video on Twitter and Facebook, calling it a hilariously inaccurate portrayal of modern Jazzercise classes. In short it is – I’ve never seen one leotard at my Jazzercise classes or, for that matter, dancing elephants. Today’s Jazzercise classes are addicting, not only because of the results you’ll get, but also because of the music, the choreography, and, of course, the AWESOME instructors. As soon as the music of a new class starts, I smile and start singing along to the tracks. I’m in the zone!

The Music

Jazzercise music today consists of some of the newest tracks from the hottest artists. Think Ne-Yo, Beyonce, Rihanna, KT Tunstall, Ingrid Michaelson, and the cast of Glee! In any given class you could go from country, to jazz, to hip-hop, to rock in the course of an hour. If your iTunes library is as schizophrenic as mine, this means you’ll feel like you’re working out to your own iPod and you won’t tire of one genre every time you go. This also means if you hate a song that’s playing (which I’ve never had happen) in 4 minutes or less a new one will start and chances are it’s a song you love.

The Choreography

Jazzercise consists of both cardio and strength training with a bit of stretching/flexibility mixed in. As an ex-dancer I find the choreography easy to follow and challenging, but don’t let a lack of dance experience deter you. I’ll venture to say the majority of members don’t have a dance background and they are still picking up the choreography as well as I am, sometimes better. The most important part is that you keep moving and have fun.

The Instructors

I’d be lying if I said that the instructors didn’t play a huge part in my Jazzerdiction. They greet me with a smile, make me laugh, keep me motivated, and encourage me when I need it. They take time to teach modifications to routines that still challenge you when needed and share healthy tips without shoving the information down your throat. They visibly LOVE teaching Jazzercise and their energy is infectious.

What are you waiting for? Go try out a Jazzercise class today, I promise you won’t regret it!