Alpha Delta Pi Directory Update

Alpha Delta Pi Lawn Letters

Oh how I love sorority directory update time.

Today, I [finally] stopped putting off calling to verify/update my information for the Alpha Delta Pi international directory. Luckily on the other end of the line was a very nice black woman (I could tell her race from her voice, you know). Anyway, she’s asking me about my initiation year [2002], college [University of Arkansas] and major [Journalism] and then goes into my current job title [Training and Development Specialist]. All of a sudden she stops and says (in that ghetto fabulous way) “Giiiiiirl, why you giving up that degree? That’s a heavy major, you could be the next Diane Sawyer.”  [I smile, I’m sure she felt it through the phone.]

After we finish my updates I’m told for 2 easy payments of 49.95 I can have the newest international directory. I said thanks but no thanks, I’ve got Facebook.