Year in Review

It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I reflect over the last 365ish days of my life and post my observations. For your reading pleasure, I present 2009 vs. 2010 (thus far):

  • 2009: Strangers who think flirting while driving is attractive are wrong, extremely.
    2010: Cars with random sayings written on their back window should be taken off the road. Today’s quote? “Porno Country” written in white shoe polish.
  • 2009: One of the best feelings in the world is getting mail that is not a) a bill, b) junk, or c) expected, especially when said mail is¬†on handmade stationery. That is quite possibly the most heartwarming envelope to open.
    2010: Speaking of handmade stationery, I began designing my own stationery this year. You should check it out ūüôā
  • 2009: Reading in bed until late at night can be quite relaxing.
    2010:  Watching Food Network in bed is the best way to unwind and head to dreamland.
  • 2009: Season 8 of American Idol was not hyped up enough.
    2010: Season 9 of American Idol was horribly over-hyped. Can we just go ahead an give Crystal Bowersox the title?
  • 2009: Ellen DeGeneres is the new Oprah. If you don’t believe me Google their ratings.
    2010: Ellen DeGeneres is the newest American Idol judge. Watch out, she’s about to take over the World.
  • 20o9: Using Facebook as a verb is acceptable.
    2010: Using “tweet” as a verb is acceptable, so is using “tweep” as a noun.
  • 2009: Watching a wannabe model have a nervous breakdown because ANTM or Make Me a Supermodel wants to chop her hair off is good television, no matter how bad you feel for her.
    2010: Watching crazy housewives act like high school mean girls [or mafia members] all season and then meet up for a reunion long after the filming has wrapped is good television.
  • 2009: Long late night phone calls with your boyfriend who lives 30 minutes away are a great way to relax.
    2010: Long late night phone calls/video chats with your boyfriend, who moved 8 hours away last May, are my favorite way to end a long day.
  • 2009: ¬†My iPod is one of my proudest investments. Every song it plays is either¬†¬†“my jam”, “my favorite song ever”, or a song “I LOVE”. I’m not ashamed.
    2010: My iPhone is my single greatest investment ever. How did I survive without it? [see also: Words with Friends]
  • 2009: Despite looking like you could break your back doing the workout, Afro-Latin is one of the most fun workouts I have ever done…despite being a sweaty mess afterwards.
    2010: Despite hearing how cheesy it is or remembering the unfortunate neon leotards from 80’s that many still [wrongly] associate with it, Jazzercise is the single best workout I’ve ever done, not to mention the only one I’ve stuck with for over 4 months without complaint. I? LOVE. IT!
  • 2009: Twitter is overrated, sort of.
    2010: Twitter is how I make it through my work day.
  • 2009: Facebook is overrated.
    2010: Since when did Facebook become the place for High School “spirit weeks”. I don’t care about the color of your underwear, your birthplace, or the celebrity you most resemble. What happened to original status updates??
  • 2009: Mini watermelons from Fresh Market are a seasonal yet delectable treat.
    2010: Cupcakes from Cupcakes on Kavanaugh are a delectable treat.
  • 2009: Why have I not seen “Princess Bride”?
    2010: Why have I not seen “This Is It”?
  • 2009: Cooking/Baking is my new stress relief.
    2010: Jazzercise is my new [and hopefully permanent] stress relief.
  • 2009: Girls’ nights will teach you more about your friends that you would know otherwise.
    2010: Girls’ nights, with friends you can be truly yourself around, are few and far between.
  • 2009: Despite how silly you look while doing it, the Masala Bhangra workout really does work.
    2010: ¬†Despite how much of a mistake they were in the 90’s, Hammer Pants are back. did we not learn anything?
  • 2009: Did I mention I’m going to see Billy Joel? In concert? With Elton John?
    2010: Did I mention I’m going to my favorite beach this summer?!?!?!